About Us

Welcome to Cinnabar Studios. We are a  family run Photography Studio based in Portsmouth, UK.


The studio is within 1 minutes walk of Cosham Railway Station and within 5 minutes drive to the M27 and M275. 

  • Over 400 sq. foot of studio space.

  • 3.65m wide and 3m tall classic white cyclorama

  • 2.72m paper backgrounds (Various colours, Blue, Red, Black, Grey etc.) 

  • 65" 4K Airdrop Capable Display for Tethered Shooting

  • 2x PixaPro Kino II 600W Strobes

  • 2x PixaPro AD400 Pro Strobes (Mains or Battery)

  • 2x PixaPro Lumi II 200W Strobes

  • 2x PixaPro AD200 Strobes

  • 2x Daylight LED Constant Lights

  • Universal Flash Trigger

  • Various Modifiers - Octabox, Softbox, Strip Box, Standard Reflectors, Grids, Beauty Dish and Gels.

  • C-Stands and various smaller stands.

All of the above will provide you with everything you need to meet your creative needs.


Within the studio we have a comfortable seating area, make up room, dressing area, Bathroom and Kitchen facilities.


Should you wish to, you have the option to hire production equipment - please see below for details.

Studio Hire - Weekdays

£25 per hour first 2 hours

then £20 per hour*.

Half day 4 hours £85

Full day 8 hours £165

  • Member of staff will always be on hand to assist with initial setup.

Studio Hire - Weekends

£35 per hour first 2 hours

then £25per hour*.

Half day 4 hours £110

Full day 8 hours £200

  • Member of staff will always be on hand to assist with initial setup.

Production Equipment

Nikon D810 - £80 per 1/2 day

Nikon D610 - £40 per 1/2 day


50mm F1.4 - £15 per 1/2 Day

85mm F1.8 - £20 per 1/2 Day

135mm F1.4 - £50 per 1/2 Day

24-70mm F2.4 - £35 per 1/2 Day

70-200mm F4 - £35 per 1/2 Day


600W - £30 per Half Day

400W - £25 Per Half Day

200W - £15 Per Half Day

Constant Lights

60W LED's - £20 per Half Day


£5 each per Day

Studio Re-Colour

Cyclorama colour change £350


Please note that any damage to equipment or studio will be charged at current market rates


Surface damage to the cyclorama or shooting walls or floor will incur a standing charge of £150


Damage to paper backdrops will be charged at £15 per meter (Scuffs / Scrapes etc)

Terms of Hire


All hires are to be pre-paid in full to confirm the booking. 

Subject to availability bookings can be extended at the standard hourly rate on the day. No refunds or credit will be issued for sessions shorter than the period procured.

These bookings rates are for core business hours only 9am - 7pm.

Setup time and clear away time is part of your hire period. The studio is to be returned to its original state prior to departure.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds of any amount are discretionary. A standard 25% deduction is made for any canceled booking with the outstanding balance credited to a future booking.

Terms and Conditions Limited Liability

1. Terms -  Use of the studio and studio equipment is entirely at the HIRERS OWN RISK. The Hirer waives their right to seek redress for mishaps, accidents and/or loss related to THEIR actions whilst using the studio and grounds.Hirers agree to be solely responsible for their conduct and the conduct and welfare (including safety) of their clients  at all times, Cinnabar Studios reserves the right to stop and remove any Hirer and/or Clients that are acting in an illegal, dangerous or anti-social manner. No alcohol or loud music is permitted in the Studio or its grounds.

2. Equipment - Cinnabar Studios agrees to hire equipment deemed to be in good working order but makes no guarantee as to the equipments functionality or suitability for the Hirer's purpose. Cinnabar Studios is not responsible for acts out of its control such as power outages that effect the shoot. In such cases Cinnabar Studios may refund or credit unused time for a future Studio booking.

3. Health and Safety - Cinnabar Studios will not be responsible for any accident or injury caused by the Hirer or Clients whilst using the studio.

Breakage and Damage

The hirer accepts responsibility for and agrees to pay for, any damage (with the exception of standard wear and tear) of any equipment, studio facilities and premises. Damage will be charged at the current market rate. For photographic equipment pricing will be taken from Wex Photographic and / or Essential Photo's current website pricing and will be paid in full at the end of the Hire period.



1 Highbury Buildings, Cosham, Portsmouth. PO62SN

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